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Living in another world :AT: by Featherwishes
Living in another world :AT:
A art trade with :iconnewleafspawprint: <3
I'm sorry if this was a full body instead of a pixel animation .o.
I didn't know what we were doing, and by the time you posted your part I was just finished the coloring.
Hope you like it anywayss

Her part- Following to you

Art (c) Mine
Character(c) NewleafsPawprint 
Sage .:Group ref:. by Featherwishes
Sage .:Group ref:.

Ehhh I really like how the main form turned out c: The animal form... ehhh was a pain e-e

Name: Sage
Gender: Female
Age: 24 years old
Rank: Superior 
Society: Sky

Birthday: January 21st

AC Amount: 15 AC

15 AC 

Physical Appearance:

General description:. WIP


Body type:. Hourglass

Average legs
Small waist,
Short waist,
Generous thighs,
Average/Broad shoulders

Face shape:. Heart

Hair:. Medium Golden Blonde…

Length:. Medium/longish (goes 5 inches over her shoulder)

Fringe is short from an incident when trying to cut her own hair, making shorter than the rest.

Hair style:. Most likely to be in a loose braid

Clothes:. Often is wearing clothes that are larger than her size, usually keeping her sleeves up to her elbows if she’s wearing a sweatshirt. Along with that, she like to wear her white jeans/pants.

Accessories:. A fingerless glove that is to prevent her from scraping the back of her hand and an bandage to make the glove to be more comfortable.

Weapon: Crossbow+Sword

When arrows are out of use or the target is too close, there will be a sword that's easy to withdraw from the bottom part of the bow.


Positive traits:. {Calm} {Organized} {Responsible} {Observant} {Gentle}  

Calm:. She knows how to handle a situation, so she doesn’t tend to worry over things as easily.

Organized:. Sage is the kind of person who goes to someone house and if there’s a big pile of junk then she’ll clean it all up. She tends to feel bit sick from the thoughts of what may be in there.

Responsible:. She’ll stand up and take the blame if there’s something that she has done. Unlike most who would like to lie for their own mistakes.

Observant:. Studying things was always a thing that Sage likes to do. She would observe everything that seems to pick up interest for either for herself, her rank, or anything else that involves it.

Gentle:. Gentle to the touch most would say. She tries to keep her personality and voice to be sweet and gentle, which she like to think it’s please for other people’s ears.

Neutral traits:. {Feminine} 

Feminine: Wip

Negative traits:. {Delicate} {Wishful} 

Delicate:. Man this girl is always getting hurt. Mentally and physically. Her health is filled with precautions. If she wears the wrong clothing, she’ll get rashes. Or sliding her hand against stone, bark, she’s most likely to get her hand cut

Wishful: Wip

Relations/ Family:

Mother:  Kimilia (Former Superior)(?)
Father: Rhys (Downer)(?)
Siblings: None 

Cousins: None 

Mentor: Kimilia



Sexual Information:

Orientation: Straight
-Blue or green eyes
-Calm and gentle

Looking For: (or )
[x] Lasting Relationship
[ ] Quick Fling
[ ]Doesn't Know




The cold
Slightly large clothes
Her tail
Messing with her hair

Very hot days
Overly flirty guys
Staying indoors
Foods that are too sweet,hot, or spicy
Getting hurt all the time



 Bullet; Blue Acquaintance

Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Pink Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; Red Love
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Mate
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate
Bullet; Purple Uncertainty
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Fear
Bullet; White Dead
Bullet; Orange Respect
Bullet; Yellow Family


Roleplay Information:

Skype Rp - Maybe but rarely
Chat Rp- Mostly no.
Note Rp- 
 Anytime! Just shoot me a note.
Comment Rp- 
 Occasionally, just ask.

Roleplay ratings:
 Of course 
M- Depends


RP Example:

Taken from Fate-Of-The-Land 

Naadia padded out of the den, looking down with such disgrace along with every step she took. Her head popped out of the den quickly. Blinking heavily from the blinding sunlight. There was so much pain shining upon her face so sudden coming out of the pitch-black den. She shook her head, leaving her fringe to be settled on her weaker eye, leaving the other to be exposed in the light. Naadia looked all over the camp to find the chief. Left to right, up and down till she caught sight on the dark brown saber. Her eyes seem to trail off of Mara and found herself looking at Shenago. Naadia looked away quickly, approaching Mara. "Excuse me, sorry if i'm interrupting you, but I would like to ask for your permission if it would be alright if I left camp." A eerie feeling started to rumble lightly her throat. She swallowed heavily hoping it would go away, "I know it's quite dangerous at this time, I... would like to stock up on supplies while i'm out."

You fell into love of a gentle kind :AT: by Featherwishes
You fell into love of a gentle kind :AT:
A little art trade with the amazing Makaruu <3333
AHHH I never thought one of my idols would want to do an art trade with me ;u; thank you so much!
I was messing with photoshop and the effects but there's a different coloration that can be found here Misty 2~
Thank you once again ;u;

Other part~ Soon to come

Character(c) Makaruu 
Kitty 3 :Closed: by Featherwishes
Kitty 3 :Closed:
Something simple and quick c: 

Taken by DeliriousPup 

-You may change her design slightly
-You can add as many extra accessories that you may like.
-Please do not say the artwork is yours
-If you ever draw her, I would love it if you show me the first drawing of her <3333 I just love seeing adopts being drawn.


Featherwishes has started a donation pool!
1,170 / 3,800
Point Commissions ~ ON HOLD by OtomeNishikiCommissions ~ ON HOLD by OtomeNishiki Requests ~ FRIENDS ONLY by OtomeNishiki Art Trades ~ ASK ME by OtomeNishiki Collabs ~ CLOSED by OtomeNishiki Gifts ~ FRIENDS ONLY by OtomeNishiki kiribans ~ CLOSED by OtomeNishiki

Taking hiatus on owned art till November

Saving up for a sushi dog ^^


If you like my art then donations are much appreciated ^^
Orrrr just commission me

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